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The FARM 2 FORK 2030 press release

Download the Farm2fork2030 press release  [0.4MB pdf]


Today, Regenerative Farming Ireland launches FARM 2 FORK 2030. This is a new vision for Ireland’s farming, food and rural sectors. Regenerative Farming Ireland is an independent and unfunded group of farmers, environmentalists, academics, and food producers.


The issues facing agriculture, food, rural communities in Ireland are numerous and need to be addressed. From climate change mitigation, biodiversity restoration, pollution prevention and soil regeneration, to the need for a market-driven focus and rural community development.


The family farm must be the central pillar of Ireland’s rural communities, and as such it must thrive. The focus throughout FARM 2 FORK 2030 is to support this transition over the next decade, and ensure that families must be economically resilient, self-reliant, and environmentally enhancing. A principle of FARM 2 FORK 2030 is that farming and rural resilience must eventually come from the market, and not from the taxpayer.


Change is inevitable, and the Irish Agri-Food sector needs to adapt, be it in farming systems, products, or route to markets. As such, the FARM 2 FORK 2030 proposes redirecting CAP and government funds to support this transition.


Improvements in route to market support are essential to enable farmers and rural communities to regain some control of the supply-chain, and thus derive sustainable incomes directly from the market. Our farms must produce high end products for discerning consumers, not low value commodities for the global marketplace.


FARM 2 FORK 2030 envisages the farming system changes that can restore Ireland’s biodiversity and natural environment, while at the same time enhance farm incomes. It is about working with Nature and seeing agriculture as only one a part of a thriving, biodiverse, nature-filled ecosystem.

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