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Regenerative Farming Ireland is about supporting:


-  knowledge transfer and the exchange of new ideas between farmers

-  farmer-led and practitioner-focused innovation and experimentation

-  producers to enhance food supplies and minimize their eco-footprint

-  creators and producers of regenerative-origin terroir-rooted produce

-  processor-farmer supply-chain relationships that link farm to product

-  route to market developments for regeneratively-produced products

-  farmer and processor and consumer communications and interaction

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Regenerative Farming Ireland was founded to encourage and support Ireland's farming and food sectors to adopt systems that can generate better farm incomes, reduce their environmental impact, and restore the lost biodiversity to Irish farms.


Our aim is to encourage knowledge exchange between farmers and the farmer and the consumer. It is also about investment and research and supporting both, either on-farm or locally. It is about creating solutions and seeing them fully implmented.


We will be developing projects that offer tangible support to farmers in terms of investment, adding value by on farm or near-farm processing, building new routes to premium-paying markets and technical and marketing support for all the above.

We are not a lobbying organisation, but we will be vocal in promoting the interests of the family farm as our prime role is to see sustainable family farms and rural economies. Therefore we will be commenting upon farming, food and rural affairs.

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