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Farm2fork2030 is Regenerative Farming Ireland's first project. It is the keynote work that provides the vision and lays the direction and groundwork for what is to follow..


Irish farming is dominated by smaller family farms. The desire is that it should remain so. Unfortunately, and at the core of their problems, all other activities in the supply chain, both before and after the farm-gate, have evolved to become centralized and control polarized. This has created the dysfunctional situation whereby conflicting interests work against, not for, the family farm. To move forwards, this must change.

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  • Creating specific products

  • Unique-to-Ireland approach

  • Developing routes to market

  • Adding the value on the farm

  • Returning control to farmers

  • 'Artisan' products incubator

  • Very quality & origin focused

  • Developing routes to market

  • Market volume consolidation

  • Support premium milk farms

  • Focus on the critical issues

  • Linking to aware consumers

  • Husbandry-first management

  • Connects tillage and livestock

  • Premiumize farm-gate prices

  • Increase milk-type diversity

  • A real premium-product milk

  • Adding value to milk on farm

  • Links with the local creamery

  • Support new-venture farmers

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