Irish Biodiversity-Farming and Carbon-Farming Standards

The coming years will be dominated by the issues of climate change, the preservation of flora, fauna and landscapes and the sustainable management of the Planet’s finite natural resources. These will also be the issues in the consumer-foods markets and especially so in higher-value segments where the issues-aware consumer is able to back their desires with purchasing power. For the market-led food producer this is an opportunity. It will provide the chance for smaller-scale, non-commodity farmers to make a sustainable living instead of being squeezed out of existence.


The Irish Family Farming Foundation has created a number of on-going projects initiatives that encompass small-scale dairy and beef and lamb production. Common to all is the objective of enhancing farm incomes via the premiumization of farm-gate prices. That in turn is driven by an aim to create and market premium food products with unique-to-Ireland selling points and the routes to market to enable them to reach issues-aware, premium-paying consumers.


The Biodiversity-Farming and Carbon-Farming Standards are designed to consolidate the various environmental aspects of the earlier projects whilst also, vitally, allowing Irish tillage farmers to link into higher-value supply-chains that sell into premium-priced foods markets.


Please contact us for a more detailed presentation of the Project.


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